Environmental Management Publications

“Triple Win Approach Reduces Costs and Environmental Impacts while Building Capacities to Implement Change”, Impact Report for distribution at UN Conference in Monterrey (16-17 November 2004), Joyce Miller

"Packaging without Tradeoffs" in Sustainable Development International: Strategies and Technologies
for Agenda 21 Implementation
(Autumn 2001), J. Rolf, J. Van Andel, S. Den Doelder, J. Miller

"Good Housekeeping: A 1st Step Towards Quality & Environmental Management" in ISO 9’000 Bulletin
(Sept/Oct 1999), Joyce Miller

"Working in Environment: Skills, Needs, and Opportunities” in Greener Management International:
Journal of Corporate Environmental Strategy and Practice
(January 1996) and in Greening People:
Human Resources and Environmental Management
(July 1996), Joyce Miller

“Becoming ‘Green’: Can Companies Do it Cost-Effectively?”, Corporate Environmental Strategy:
The Journal of Environmental Leadership
(Autumn 1995), Joyce Miller and Dr. Francisco Szekely

Kvaerner’s Experience in Accounting for and Reporting its Environmental Performance (February 1996), Joyce Miller and Profs. Peter Lorange and Stewart Hamilton

After internally tracking the environmental impact of its operations, Norway’s largest publicly owned industrial group has begun to publicly report  its environmental accounts, and is criticised for the lack of specific targets and a detailed environmental policy.

Ciba: Attempting to Live up to a Vision in a Crisis Situation: The Apron Plus® Experience (August 1995), Joyce Miller
and Prof. Georges Haour

Winner of the European Foundation for Management Development 1996 Case Competition. A 2-part series exploring the strategic consequences for a company that adopted a reactive strategy in communicating about environmental issues during a time of crisis.

Van Leer’s Steel Drum Collection System (October 1993), Joyce Miller and Dr. Francisco Szekely

Responding to the emerging environmental pressures, Van Leer has created a new business opportunity through the implementation of a  “no excuses” scheme to collect and recondition steel drum, and is working to gain control of lifecycle cost,
to sustain competitive advantage.


“A Virtuous Cycle: Innovation, Consumer Value, and Communication”; Research Evidence and Key Findings for Policy-Makers and Chief Executives (March 2000), Joyce Miller and Prof. Kamran Kashani

“Measuring Corporate Leadership in an Era of Economic, Social, and Environmental Change: A Strategic Review of Indicators and Metrics for DuPont” (December 1999), Robert Abbott and Joyce Miller

“How Companies Measure and Report Their Eco-Efficiency: A Survey on Corporate Environmental Reports”

(June 1998), Joyce Miller

Reports cont’d

 “Evolution of the Environmental Profession in Europe: Needs, Competences & Future Trends” (July 1995), Joyce Miller

“Improving Communications on Environmental Issues Throughout the Business Chain” (April 1995),
Joyce Miller and Annette Ebbinghaus

“What is ‘Green’? Workshop” (April 1994), Joyce Miller and Dr. Francisco Szekely

“Eco-Management and Environmental Auditing Schemes (December 1993), Joyce Miller and Dr. Francisco Szekely

“Packaging Waste in Europe: A Consultation of Industry, Government, Local Authorities, and the Public”
(September 1993), Joyce Miller and Dr. Francisco Szekely

“Matching Customers’ Demands; Publishing Environmental Performance” (December 1992),
Joyce Miller and Dr. Francisco Szekely



Volume 2 (1 issue: February 1999)

Volume 1 (3 issues: June 1997, February 1998, September 1998)

MIBE Newsletters:

“New Director Promotes the Development of ‘Environmetrics’ as a Prerequisite for Integration”, Vol 3, #2

“Is a Totally Chlorine-Free World Possible? The Sodra Cell Story”, MIBE News, Vol 3, #1

“Breaking the Next Barrier to Environmental Performance Improvement: Is It Technology or Management?”,
September/October 1994

“Tradeoffs Not Always Necessary to Protect the Environment: The CFC-Free Fridge Example”, May 1994

“MIBE Team is Defining ‘Green’ Through Dialogue with Multiple Stakeholders”, April 1994

“Increasing Energy Efficiency Cuts Costs and Avoids Global Warming”, March 1994

“The Environmental Scene in 1994”, January/February 1994

“Europe Generates 500 Million Tons of Waste Each Year, Tupperware has a Solution to Significantly
Reduce this Dilemma for Society”, November/December 1993

“An Interview with Bernardo Delogu, Author of the European Commission’s Eco-Management and Audit Regulation”, September/October 1993

“Baxter Healthcare Works Toward a State-of-the-Environment Programme”, July/August 1993

“SGS Pioneers an Integrated Approach to Environment, Quality, Health and Safety”, June 1993

“Through Proactive Open Dialogue with Dutch Environmental Groups, GE Plastics Gains Support for its
Polycarbonate Milk Bottle”, May 1993

Sulzer Takes an Innovative Approach to Communicating its Environmental Policy”, April 1993

Business Case Studies

Innovation and Renovation: The Nespresso Story (December 1999), Joyce Miller and Prof. Kamran Kashani

Traces the challenges of a small team within Nestlé fighting over the course of a decade  to develop and market a unique concept for espresso coffee, subsequently put forward as a model for innovation in large, highly structured organisations.

Rabobank and The Robeco Group (April 1995), Joyce Miller and Prof. Mary Rose Greville

A 6-part series that describes the negotiation and eventual entry into a joint venture by Rabobank, a co-operative Dutch bank,
and Robeco, one of The Netherlands’ most aggressive investment management groups.

Malaysian Airlines System: Flying into the Future (May 1994), Joyce Miller and Prof. George Taucher

The airline was facing rising operating costs just when the financing needs of its ambitious expansion program would reach their peak, but management wanted to also capitalise on the new international airport being constructed 80km outside Kuala Lumpur.

Business Case Studies cont’d

Canon in the European Copier Market (June 1993), Joyce Miller and Profs. George Taucher and Dominique Turpin

Canon considers an alliance with the Olivetti Group as a way to strengthen its European manufacturing base, by forming a joint venture in Italy for photocopier production and R&D—which would be only Canon’s second joint venture outside Japan.

Olivetti in the European Copier Market (June 1993), Joyce Miller and Profs. George Taucher and Dominique Turpin

The Olivetti Group considers entering a basic technology alliance with Canon to develop its capacity to offer customers an “integrated office” wherein several pieces of standalone equipment would be linked up in a multi-functional, automated system.

The European Copier Industry (June 1993), Joyce Miller and Profs. George Taucher and Dominique Turpin

Reviews the origin of reprographic technology and the development of the photocopier industry and European market up
until 1986, including the EC’s imposition of provisional anti-dumping duties for plain paper copiers on major Japanese
manufacturers cited in an official complaint.

Rhineland Pharmaceuticals and Cancer Research Laboratories: The Lost Alliance (April 1993), Joyce Miller,
Bethann Kassman, and Prof. Mary Rose Greville

A president examines the organisation’s internal processes for evaluating collaborative efforts and whether the newly-instituted structure of international teams will facilitate more co-operation and enhance strategic planning among the company’s three business units.

Reflotron A and B (October 1992), Joyce Miller and Prof. Mary Rose Greville

Within a year of launch, sales of Boehringer Mannheim’s innovative system providing  on-the-spot analysis of blood samples
in the doctor’s office had lagged and significant losses had been accrued. At issue, is how the potential for such a product
could have been so misjudged.

Braddock Manufacturing (November 1991), Joyce Miller and Prof. Paul Beamish

An American firm considers moving the labour-intensive aspects of its production into a 'maquiladora' in order to make more competitive bids on defence contracts.

Bombardier Inc. (November 1991), Joyce Miller and Prof. Peter Killing

The Montreal-based Bombardier considers acquiring Short Brothers in the UK as part of the strategy to develop its
aerospace business.

Short Brothers (October 1991), Joyce Miller and Prof. Peter Killing

Her Majesty’s Government prepares to privatise a money-losing aerospace manufacturer located in Northern Ireland.

Japanese-American Seating Inc. (September 1991), Joyce Miller and Prof. Paul Beamish

A new General Manager comes on board in an American-Japanese joint venture. The (A) case is written from the perspective
of the American General Manager, and the (B) case gives the view of his Japanese boss.

ICI Agrochemicals (September 1991), Joyce Miller and Prof. Peter Killing

The business unit manager has to decide whether changing the strategy or changing the organisation is the best approach
for improving the performance of what has traditionally been one of ICI’s high growth, high margin businesses.

ICI Japan (August 1991), Joyce Miller and Prof. Nick Fry

A young country manager considers a largescale direct investment in polyester film production that falls short of conventional
return objectives, with the aim of building up the local organisation.

ICI Colours and Fine Chemicals (August 1991), Joyce Miller and Prof. Peter Killing

Describes ICI’s first customer service campaign, “Fighting for the Customer”, focusing on the difficulties of implementation.


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